The Who's Who of your Event Production Team

The Who's Who of your Event Production Team

When you choose to use an external production company, you place a great deal of trust in their capabilities – in essence, you put the success of your event in their hands. Here at The Presentation Group, we think it’s incredibly important that our customers understand exactly what each pair of those hands is responsible for, so we’ve put together a guide to who’s who on-site and what their role within your event entails.

Of course, the assigned crew will vary dependent on the size, scope and complexity of the production in question. To cover all eventualities, the below overview introduces you to the technical crew you’re most likely to meet at a mid to large scale event.


The on-site Producer will have led on the project from the start, responsible for overseeing all pre-event requirements including budgets and proposals, set and graphics design and content production. This not only means they are familiar with every aspect of the event in question but that, in turn, you are familiar with them. Trust is a big factor in event success, so building an effective working relationship in the pre-event stages is crucial.

On-site, the Producer will oversee overall event delivery, liaising with all other members of the team. They will also be there as a main point of contact for you, your guest speakers and any other third parties. Dependent on the complexity of the event, the on-site Producer may also act as Show-Caller, managing all event content and calling cues to ensure a flawlessly executed production.

Technical Manager

The Technical Manager will have worked closely with the Producer on the event from the outset. They will have compiled the kit list and ensured pre-event testing of all equipment, overseen the set build and carefully selected the assigned crew based on individual areas of expertise.

On-site, they will be the go-to for all things technical and manage all other on-site crew. They will be well versed in dealing with last minute changes or requests, as well as effectively dealing with any technical problems that can so often occur thanks to the unpredictable nature of live events.

Vision Mixer

Part of the technical team situated behind the control desk, the Vision Mixer is responsible for ensuring the right content appears on the right screen at the right time. Working in unison with the Show-Caller, they will cue any video content, whilst guiding any camera and graphics operators to ensure smooth switching between all on-screen elements.

For events with complex content requirements that switch between live camera relay, graphics and video, the Vision Mixer plays a vital role in the overall aesthetics of delivery.

Graphics Operator

The Graphics Operator, sometimes also referred to as the Computer Graphics Designer (GFX) is responsible for the set-up of the projectors and the running of on-screen graphics.

The Graphics Operator will take part in familiarisation sessions with guest speakers and their decks, ensuring all slides are formatted correctly, making any last minute amendments and compiling a show deck where necessary. Part of the Graphic Design team, they will also work pre-event to create content should this be a requirement.

Lighting Designer/Operator

The Lighting Designer’s job during on-site set-up is to ensure all lighting is securely rigged and focused. Dependent on the nature of the event, they may also programme lighting to music and ensure that any essential elements, such as event or company branding, are highlighted for maximum impact.

During the event, the Lighting Designer turns Operator, ensuring all pre-programmed effects run smoothly and on cue.

Sound Designer/Operator

The Sound Technician plays a vital role in ensuring smooth delivery during live events. During set-up, they will be responsible for the sound system, including all speakers and microphones. Other members of the crew will assist here, testing microphones as the technician sets the correct sound levels.

During the event, the job of the Sound Technician is constant. They will mic up presenters and speakers and continually monitor sound levels, adjusting to suit each speaker in turn. And, of course, they will also be responsible for volume levels and frequencies of any sound effects or music.

Set & Stage Crew

For events that include a large or complex set design, there will be a team responsible for the build. Often, these crew members will only be on-site pre-event and will focus on ensuring the set and stage are constructed safely and with precision within the allotted time frame.

Breakout Crew

If required, additional technicians may be allocated to oversee breakout rooms and/or workshops, ensuring that these run as flawlessly as the main event itself. There may be one per room for complex requirements, or roaming technicians that assist workshop facilitators to run the equipment themselves.

At The Presentation Group, our team are multi-skilled and, where effective to do so, we often combine a number of the above roles to offer best value for money. Contact us today to see how we can help with the production of your next conference or event.

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