Interact, Engage, Improve: The Benefits of Event Apps

Interact, Engage, Improve: The Benefits of Event Apps

Event and conferencing apps have come a long way since their inception – as technology has improved, so has our level of understanding and design capability. Developers are now creating custom built apps that allow event attendees to be central to proceedings, improving their experience and providing event planners with real time, customised data.

Here we look at the three main benefits of event and conferencing apps: interaction, engagement and improvement.   


From networking to live polls, event apps offer a whole range of new and exciting ways for delegates to interact. What’s more, they broaden the scope of interaction – allowing for networking opportunities both pre and post event.

In-app Q&A and voting functionalities have opened up a new world for attendees, allowing them to fire questions at the speaker without disrupting the flow of a presentation. The ability to ask questions anonymously allows delegates who wish to remain under the radar to take part and the capacity to vote on their favourite speaker sessions gives attendees a level of control over their event experience.

With social media connectivity, apps also allow for interaction beyond the physical space of your event, with delegates able to easily share information and content with the wider world.   


We live in a world which offers instant gratification. Increasingly, we demand personalised information at our fingertips and apps have been a driving force behind this trend. At the touch of a button, we have access to facts, figures and updates, we can locate services and amenities and we can receive personalised recommendations. This instant access model has allowed brands to reach their audience on a whole new level, taking the hassle out of communication and leaving further time for engagement.

Events and conferences should apply the same technological advancements and take an individualised and instantaneous approach to their communication with attendees. The efficiency of event apps allows delegates to spend more time focusing on what matters – the event itself, rather than routing out relevant information, and the ability to personalise their experience will ultimately create a deeper level of enjoyment and engagement.  


As any veteran event planner knows, analysis is key to improvement. Event apps offer new levels of insight into attendee behaviour and fulfilment through the gathering of data and analytics platforms. Whether it be an experience poll, a platform to rate individual speaker sessions and presentations, or a check-in functionality to measure the popularity of a specific area, event apps are an analysts dream come true.  

From simple in-app feedback functionalities to more complex levels of engagement analysis, apps can be tailored to deliver large quantities of specific real time data, allowing you to identify areas of success and failure and focus on improvement.

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