Personalisation Part 3: The Post Event Strategy

Personalisation Part 3: The Post Event Strategy

Over the past couple of months, we’ve been taking a look at the art behind one of the event industry’s biggest buzzwords – personalisation. We’ve looked at techniques to engage your audience pre event, and offered our top tips for personalising the event experience itself. In our third and final post of the series, we’re discussing your continued commitment to personalisation with the post event strategy.

As an event organiser, your experience does not end at close of curtain and neither should your attendees’. Having invested the time and effort into tailoring the event experience to attendee preferences, it’s vital that you have in place a follow up strategy, not only to continue the delegate experience but to ensure that your efforts were worthwhile and beneficial to your objectives.

Analyse your post event data

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, data is a valuable resource for personalisation and taking the time to analyse it with specific goals in mind is crucial. Your post event data is no exception.

Understanding your attendees’ experience of the event will allow you to structure your ongoing communications in a way relevant to them, leading to a stronger sense of loyalty and a level of engagement that extends way beyond the event itself. What sessions did they attend? What content did they interact with? What feedback did they leave and how were their satisfaction rates?

This information not only allows you to tailor your post event communications but provides the starting point for the planning of your next event.

Send personalised thank you’s

Your delegates took time out of their busy lives to attend your event. As such, they deserve to be thanked for it. Dependent on numbers, personalise these thank you’s to the greatest degree possible. For a start, make sure the communication includes the individuals name – there’s nothing worse than receiving a generic “dear guest” email, particularly when there are plenty of free email marketing platforms that will personalise the ‘to’ field at the click of a button.

Focus on where attendees showed particular interest and provide them with links to further information in that field. Not only does this show that you have taken the time to understand their event experience, it prolongs their engagement with the subject matter and reinforces your message.

Ask your attendees for their opinion

There is no better way to personalise the event experience for your attendees than by asking for their thoughts and opinions on it. And more importantly, by listening and responding to their comments.

Go beyond simple feedback forms and generate a post-event conversation amongst your delegates. Whether this is on social media or an internal platform, offering up a space for their voices to be heard will add to the sense that the event was held for them. Above all, be sure to monitor these discussions. Acknowledge the negative as well as the positive and act accordingly on any issues that may arise from your post event conversations. As humans, we are far more forgiving when our grievances are met with an optimistic response.

When it comes to event personalisation, the most importing thing is to view it as an ongoing learning curve – with every event your audience knowledge and approach should improve, but be prepared for trend shifts along the way. Whilst it may seem like a never ending and hugely time consuming effort, by planning for each event well in advance, and by planning to personalise, you give yourself the greatest opportunity for success.

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