In-House vs. External: Why to Outsource your Event AV

In-House vs. External: Why to Outsource your Event AV

Planning an event can be a daunting task. From venue sourcing to delegate management, content creation to production, there is a logistical minefield to navigate. And with increasing pressure on planners to deliver optimum results for minimal spend, a quick fix approach can be all too tempting.

Whilst opting to use your chosen venue’s in-house AV services may seem like a cost effective and time saving solution, it can often prove a false economy – venues rarely have the capabilities to offer the time, advice and technical provisions needed to make your event a memorable success and one that yields a worthwhile ROI.

Here’s why outsourcing your AV is the best option for achieving maximum delivery:

You’ll get a dedicated team:

Most venues will work to optimise the space available to them when it comes to scheduling events – and rightly so – this is business after all. However, this can often result in multiple events being run simultaneously or in quick succession of one another. This means that the venues in-house team will either a) have multiple clients to attend to at any one time or b) be under pressure for a quick turnaround, moving swiftly from one event to the next.

Opting to use an independent supplier ensures a dedicated team fully focused on your event alone. You are guaranteed a technical manager on hand to deal with any unforeseen issues that could otherwise be detrimental to your event as well as an expert crew, there for the duration, to make sure those unforeseen issues have minimal chance of occurring in the first place.

They’ll share their expertise and offer advice:

Any good AV supplier will go beyond the remit of equipment supply and installation – they’ll take the time to understand your project and the message you are trying to convey, offering guidance on how best to achieve maximum delivery.

They’ll also have the time on-site to run through full technical rehearsals with you and your presenters, giving you peace of mind that everything will run according to plan on the day.

They could save you time and money:

Most venues will have a basic supply of audio-visual equipment on site and obtain any surplus requirements from an external third party. This puts an added mark up on the price you pay for equipment hire.

If your event requires more than a basic kit list, look for AV suppliers who carry their own in-house equipment – this will afford you far better rates. It also means that your provider will be much better placed to deal with any last minute changes or requests, saving precious time on sourcing alternative or extra equipment.

They will give you consistency across the board:

If your event is part of a series or a regular occurrence, using a dedicated AV supplier will guarantee you consistency throughout; you can be sure to receive a high level of service with each event and have peace of mind that your company identity will be presented at its best.

If you’re using a supplier with their own in-house equipment, you can also be safe in the knowledge that any kit supplied will have been subject to full checks and testing before the event.

They’ll develop strong working relationships:

Any professional AV supplier will take the time to build a working relationship, not just with you as an end client, but with all parties involved. They’ll make regular contact with your chosen venue to ensure all requirements and specifications are met and work in collaboration with any communication or creative agencies you may be using.

Most importantly, they’ll work to develop an ongoing partnership with you as a customer, meaning you’ll always have a contact to turn to for any future projects, or simply for a bit of friendly advice.

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