How to Repurpose (& Reuse) your Event Video Content

How to Repurpose (& Reuse) your Event Video Content

As one of the most versatile forms of content, video has the ability to cross multiple marketing channels. It can be repurposed to suit a variety of platforms, adapted for specific audiences and reused several times over before it comes to the end of its shelf life. If you’re investing time and money into capturing video content from your conference or event, take advantage of that versatility and reuse your video to target new audiences, reinforce your messages or extend the life of your event with continued promotion and engagement.

With a touch of creative thinking and a little guidance from our ideas below, your event video can become much more than a simple recording, repurposed and reused for maximum return.

Social Soundbites

Video posts on social sites are known to attract higher engagement rates than written posts. Taking your event video and editing it into bite size segments that capture key moments or messages is a great way to fill up your social content calendar. But remember to tailor each video to the specific platform, for example, the optimal length for a video shared on Facebook is said to be around 1.3 minutes, whereas videos made for Twitter should come in under 30 seconds. For longer clips, consider using video hosting sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

Live Testimonials

There is no greater endorsement for your event than the testimonials of your attendees, and what better way to capture this than in the moment? Streaming live to your social media channels can gather traction for your event as it unfolds and each individual clip can be repurposed in its aftermath. Continue to upload your short testimonials using your events custom hashtag to extend its lifespan. You can also reuse this content by editing the clips together to create a promotional video for future events.

Speaker Interviews

You’ve no doubt spent a long time sourcing your guest speakers, so use their involvement to full effect. Speaker interviews can be utilised in two ways: pre event to enhance credibility, or post event for future promotion. Scheduling pre event interviews allows you to post content on your website, video hosting and social media channels, offering potential attendees a greater insight into what to expect. Events run to a tight schedule and rarely allow time for speaker introductions. Whilst written bios provide background information, your attendees are more likely to respond to video content.

Post event interviews with your speakers allow for a roundup of their presentations as a taster for non-attendees. It also offers a chance for your speakers to expand on points that time restraints did not allow, or offer forward looking thoughts that can be incorporated into marketing efforts for future events. 


If your event is a regular occurrence, you should always take a forward thinking approach to your marketing efforts. Capturing a broad range of video footage will allow you to showcase your event at its best, enticing potential future attendees with the previous years’ highlights. Whilst showreels need only be short in length, capturing the relevant footage is crucial. If you intend to create a showreel of your event, try to predict its highlights and film accordingly.

Written Content

We all know that relevant written content works wonders for SEO. But it’s not always easy to come up with fresh, engaging copy. Posting video footage of keynote speeches or presentations from your event with accompanying transcriptions is a perfect opportunity to produce written content fit for your audience. Key points can also be expanded on in the form of blog posts with the relevant video clips embedded as supporting information.

Educational Content

If the footage you have chosen to capture is of an educational nature, you can repurpose the information contained in the form of podcasts, downloadable PDF guides, Whitepapers or Infographics. These can be shared on your website, via social media or through email marketing campaigns.

Downloadable content is also a great method of generating relevant contacts. Placing valuable resources behind lead capture forms will allow you to gather the details of parties interested in your offering, parties that could become clients, customers or attendees at your next event.

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