Exhibitions: Why Include Them in Your Marketing Strategy?

Exhibitions: Why Include Them in Your Marketing Strategy?

A well thought out, integrated marketing strategy is crucial to the success and growth of any business, no matter its size or purpose. If planned and executed well, exhibitions and trade shows can play an indispensable role, leading to increased visibility and sales and providing a valuable source of inspiration.

Here are some of the most compelling reasons to consider an exhibition presence as part of your ongoing marketing strategy.

You’ll have a relevant and captive audience

All marketing efforts should of course pay careful attention to your target market. Profiles should be built and concerted efforts made to place your offering in front of high quality leads. However, in the initial stages, your quality assessment will always be based on certain assumptions and you can never be 100% sure you’ve hit the right mark. An industry or sector specific exhibition has the benefit of attracting an exclusive audience, one you can be certain have a vested interest in your product or service, providing you’ve done your research and have picked the right show.

What’s more, they are also coming to you with a specific intention in mind. Sales emails and phone calls are an integral part of business growth but they rarely land at the opportune time. An exhibition or trade show audience are there to buy, or at the very least, research potential suppliers. You have a captive audience you can be sure are interested in your product or service at a point where they’re in the frame of mind to actively learn more.

You can build human connections

Ironically, as online and digital marketing channels continue to develop and subsequently overwhelm us with a constant stream of information, human connections have never been a more important part of the marketing mix. Successful working relationships are built on trust and this is best gained through face to face interaction.

Of course, digital marketing is a powerful and crucial part of any marketing strategy – you’re conspicuous by your absence if you choose not to partake – but exhibitions offer the perfect opportunity to cut through all the noise, communicate on a one to one level and build personal connections that can lead to solid, long lasting relationships.

You can consult your target market

Whether it be a product or a service, we’d all like to think that we’ve got our offering spot on. But in order to stay ahead of the game it’s crucial to adapt and improve and, of course, the best way to do this is to listen to the needs of our customers or clients.

Exhibitions give you this opportunity. Your audience are captive and right there in front of you, so what better time to ask for their opinion? This not only shows that you value their views – it demonstrates a commitment to finding the best solution to fix whatever challenges they may be facing and provides you with all the necessary information to improve on your offering and make it the best on the market in the eyes of those who matter most.

You can explore the industry landscape

Your exhibition presence isn’t just a chance to market and sell your offering. It is also a valuable opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the current state of your industry and associated market. There’ll no doubt be guest speaker and/or educational sessions that could well offer new insight into your area of expertise, but there’s also a vast array of competitors grappling for the attention of your target audience and among them lays a potential treasure trove of marketing inspiration.

Take the time to explore and learn in the process. Is the market oversaturated with a particular product line and if so, how can you develop your own offering to give it an edge? Are there any gaps in the market that you can identify and potentially fill? What successful methods of communication are your competitors using and how can you incorporate them into your own marketing plan?

Successful marketing is a long game. It’s a well thought out strategy that build awareness and reputation over time, eventually leading to a sale. The benefit of exhibitions is that the relationship between marketing and sales becomes intertwined. You are effectively doing both at the same time. Even if your efforts don’t lead to an immediate customer purchase, you’ll still benefit from a pool of quality leads with already established relationships in place.

With a vastly shortened lead time between introduction and sale, exhibitions are one of the most productive forms of marketing with a potentially far higher return on investment. For more advice on how to make the most of your exhibition appearance, check out our post: Exhibitions ROI: Top Tips for Top Results.

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