Exhibitions: The Power of Experiential Marketing

Exhibitions: The Power of Experiential Marketing

The marketing world has gone mad for digital, and rightly so; online content drives a huge amount of consumer traffic. But in a world saturated with social media platforms and viral publicity stunts, there’s still no substitute for the face to face, hands on experience.

Experiential marketing, a technique that focuses on engagement and the connection between product and consumer, is holding its ground in the marketing landscape and exhibitions and trade shows offer the perfect platform.

As consumers, we’re still hugely influenced by our senses. Offering the opportunity for physical interaction with your product can provide huge return on investment. According to the Event Marketing Institute’s 2016 EventTrack report, 74% of consumers claim that product engagement through event marketing experiences makes them more likely to make a purchase.

With the right approach, your exhibition presence can drive sales, increase exposure and promote brand identity.

Engagement is key

Whether B2B or B2C, allowing your audience to fully interact with your product helps them form an emotional connection with your brand. From simple product testing or tasting to extravagant immersive experiences, it’s all about engagement.  

One extreme example, in every sense of the word, comes courtesy of European company Globetrotters. Providers of specialist sports clothing and equipment, they allow customers to don Globetrotting gear before stepping into a purpose built chamber that recreates adverse weather conditions.

Of course, we don’t all have the marketing budget to run to such extravagant lengths. But if you’re serious about your exhibition efforts it may well be worth stretching your funds to consider a custom built stand that allows you to demonstrate your product to full effect.

Get creative with your ideas and hand pick your best people to man the stand – you may have the greatest customer experience in the world on offer, but it the face of your company doesn’t demonstrate knowledge and enthusiasm, your efforts will ultimately fail.  

Marketing as a by-product of your exhibition

Whilst the experiential element of your exhibition may be your main focus, there are many marketing opportunities that come as a by-product. PR activity surrounding the event can provide you with increased social media exposure and publicity within trade magazines. You may consider to sponsor an exhibition or trade show or advertise within the show programme. Face to face interaction with your target demographic also provides the opportunity to capture relevant marketing data and substantially grow your mailing list.

And of course there’s word of mouth. Giving your audience an unforgettable exhibition experience will prompt them to spread the word. Whether to friends and family or the wider world through social, customers that identify with your brand will become your biggest advocates.  

The Presentation Group have years of experience in designing, managing and building a whole spectrum of exhibition stands for a variety of clients.

From bespoke designs to off the shelf packages, we have a range of options to suit every style and budget. Talk to us today to see how we can help you stand out from the crowd at your next exhibition.

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