Event Video: How to Deliver a Powerful Opening Message

Event Video: How to Deliver a Powerful Opening Message

As one of the most powerful methods of storytelling, video has a huge role to play in the shaping of your event success. You’ve probably already utilised this power in your marketing efforts and to generate a pre-event buzz that’s managed to get attendees to where you want them to be – at your event.

You now have a captive audience and the opportunity to kick proceedings off with a bang. So here are a few pointers that will help you deliver a powerful opening video that motivates and inspires your delegates.

Present the right content and messages

You’re opening video will set the tone for the rest of your event, so it’s imperative that your content and key messages are spot on. Unlike your pre-event videos, this is not a time for promotion. As we’ve said, you’ve already managed to get your audience to your event – now they are relatively captive and free from outside distractions, it’s time to set the scene and plant the foundations on which your event is built.

Consider your event objectives and use these to shape the narrative of your opening video. What experience do you want your attendees to have? How do you want them to feel? What are the key takeaways you aim to instil? Whilst it’s important that these questions shape the content of the video, it’s also important not to overload your attendees with information at this point. Your plenary sessions, presentations and workshops are your opportunity to provide informative content – your opening video should leave your audience keen to engage with it.

Consider the audience experience.

How you experience a film sat at home on your own greatly differs from how you experience it in a packed out theatre – the same applies to your opening video. What may appear to be impactful images when drafted on a storyboard, or viewed in the editing room, may not transpose as such to the big screen. So keep in mind the end product and how it will be viewed.

You want all your attendees to have the same visual experience, so consider seating and perspective alongside your screen size, ensuring that all key elements of your film can be seen by the entire audience.

Also pay careful consideration to the audience experience when you cut scenes together. Timing is crucial. If your opening video has comedy value, you need to leave ample time for the audience to react before the scene continues. The same applies for persuasive or emotive messaging – your attendees need to be given the opportunity to process information before the film moves on.

Keep it consistent

Your opening video’s main function is to grab your attendees’ attention and create a level of excitement that continues throughout the rest of your event. However, it is also part of a continual representation of your company or organisation. As such, it should align with both your brand identity, the nature of your event and all other content to come out of it.

Your brand guidelines are no doubt strictly enforced on printed collateral and websites so take the same approach with all your event video content. Text fonts, colours and logos should all follow suit with all other company and/or event branding.

Whatever the nature of the content, your opening video should also carry an appropriate tone of voice that maintains the reputation of your brand, whilst enhancing the themes and key messages of your event. This can be a hard balance to achieve, so it’s often worth considering taking on a professional scriptwriter.

Time it to perfection

When it comes to the timing of your opening video, there are two things to consider: one, its duration and two, when it will be aired.

In terms of duration, you want to give yourself sufficient time to hint at all your key messages and offer insight into the nature of the event whilst keeping it short enough that audience attention does not begin to waiver.

When you air your video is also a key consideration. Will it play on a loop as delegates enter the room? Will it be introduced by a presenter once delegates are sat? Or vice versa, will it act as the introduction for your presenter? The placement of your opening video in your event schedule will dictate its structure so be clear on this from the start to ensure it fulfils its purpose and opens your event in the strongest way possible.

The most important thing to remember is that your opening video is your one opportunity to ignite excitement in your delegates – if you fail to grab their attention at this point, it will be increasingly difficult to do so as the event progresses.

Give yourself the best chance of event success by creating video content that is carefully considered, well executed and that delivers a powerful, inspiring message.

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