Event Tech: Our Top 5 Trends of 2017

Event Tech: Our Top 5 Trends of 2017

The events world has seen its fair share of tech trends come and go over the years. Some make their mark merely as a passing fad, whilst others cement their value and become indispensable to the industry. 2017 has been no exception; on the contrary, as our world becomes increasingly digitalised so too do our events.

We’ve picked out our top five trends of the year so far to give you a quick rundown of the impact they are having on our industry.

1. Artificial Intelligence

A hot topic gracing the event tech landscape of 2017 has been the rise of Artificial Intelligence. Whilst we’re still in the early stages of understanding AI and the benefits it could have on the events industry, there’s no doubt it will impact its future.

Concierge Apps and AI-enabled chatbots are already contributing to a more personalised event experience for attendees, providing on demand information geared towards individual wants and needs. But it’s AI’s ‘deep-learning’ capability that could see the biggest impact on the events industry. Through a process of pattern recognition and data generated reasoning, certain AI systems may be able to predict the logistical needs of an event as it unfolds in real-time.

2. 3D/4D Projection Mapping

Projection mapping has come a long way since its original inception; the art of projecting 2D images onto a flat surface has now progressed into the visually immersive 3D and 4D experiences. The ability to use just about any surface imaginable as a blank canvas has opened up doors to exceptional creativity and seen some of the world’s most iconic buildings transformed.

In the events world, organisers are adopting this technology to transform both spaces and objects into visually impactful displays, to enhance branding and to transport attendees to almost any environment imaginable.

3. Motion Controlled Display

Digital signage has been on the scene for a while now. Whether in the form of branding, real-time event details or interactive information points, it has brought new levels of engagement to the attendee experience. But with advancements in technology comes a new era of digital signage; motion controlled display.

This has given event organisers new ways of capturing attendee attention, particularly in the realms of advertising. Screens that burst into life as delegates pass by, visuals that respond to their individual movements and product reveals activated by human gesture have all been used to generate excitement and enhance the event experience.


Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is revolutionising the way event organisers collect and collate data. Age old event staples such as wristbands, badges and nametags have been transformed into information goldmines, tracking delegate attendance and movement throughout the event space. RFID allows organisers to easily and accurately measure attendee figures, identify popular speaker sessions or exhibition booths and track mass movement in real-time, responding accordingly.

The technology also offers a host of benefits for attendees themselves; social media connectivity, payment options, information access and the ability to exchange contact information with a tap can all enhance the event experience.

5. Live Streaming

Another trend that’s been doing the rounds for a while now, live streaming is seeing increasing investment from both developers and event organisers alike. It was the appearance of the Meerkat platform that first alerted the industry to the potential of live streaming. Despite its decline, and ultimate shelving, Meerkat paved the way for social media giants in this arena.

Facebook and Instagram Live, Twitter’s Periscope and Snapchat’s Live Stories have all seen uptake amongst the millennial generation. Live streaming’s biggest benefit is its ability to bring the audience into the fold, making them your events biggest advocates. Their audience become your audience, extending the reach of your event way beyond the confines of its physical space. 

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