Event Merchandise: Why Branded Giveaways are a Great Investment

Event Merchandise: Why Branded Giveaways are a Great Investment

With so many platforms for free exposure available in the digital world, you may be forgiven for thinking that event merchandise has had its day. Far from it, the benefits associated with branded giveaways continue to drive customer loyalty, employee engagement and brand recognition. Whether in support of promotional shows, exhibitions or internal conferences, a little investment in event merchandise can go a long way.

Branded Giveaways for Exhibitions & Promotional Events

  • When you’re a single face in a crowded exhibition hall, it can be hard to command attention, particularly if you’re operating on a tight budget. Competing with large scale stands decked out with the latest tech can seem like an impossible task, but if there’s one thing that event attendees love above all else, it’s free merchandise. Your giveaways offer your audience an incentive, a reason to gravitate towards your stand over your competitor’s. Get a little creative with your merchandise and you’ll find you’ve also found a conversation starter.
  • By choosing the right promotional merchandise, you can achieve maximum visibility for relatively low cost. Products that travel are a great investment, exposing your brand to as many eyes as possible – and in today’s eco-friendly climate, there’s no shortage of options. Reusable items such as shopping bags, travel mugs and water bottles won’t just be seen by the recipient alone – they’ll make their way into supermarkets, commuter trains, the gym – even the good old promotional pen has the ability to travel. When choosing branded giveaways for your next promotional event or exhibition, consider items that will give you the greatest amount of exposure for minimal investment.

Branded Merchandise for Internal Events

  • Employee recognition is a valuable tool for boosting performance. Presenting your staff with a range of free gifts at your next internal conference or training event is a sure-fire way to make them feel valued. Research by the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) has shown that the usefulness of an item is classed as its most important quality, so take the time to understand the average working day of your employees and choose products that complement their roles. By doing so, you are not only providing them with a visible connection to the company, but demonstrating a true understanding and appreciation of their contribution to it.
  • If your internal event includes a creative concept that has been developed to help deliver on your objectives, branded products can greatly support the messages you wish to communicate. They can also serve as a reminder of those messages long after the event itself is over. From traditional items such as notebooks and coffee mugs to more tailored options specific to the theme, offering delegates a reminder of the event in its aftermath can help to reinforce its purpose, in turn helping you to achieve maximum results from your event investment.

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