Content Marketing for Events: How to Leverage your Assets

Content Marketing for Events: How to Leverage your Assets

From internal conferences to public product launches, events throw out a lot of content. It’s a big investment of both time and money creating this material, so be sure to harness its power and make the most of it pre, during and post event with a solid content marketing plan. By doing so, you can increase engagement and extend the lifespan of your message.

Here are a few techniques for leveraging your content to get the most from your investment:

Create content well in advance and release event teasers

It’s unlikely that box office hits would become such without their respective trailers – highlights that offer just enough to pique our interest without giving too much away. Approach your event content in the same way, creating it well enough in advance to allow yourself time to release snippets in the pre-event run up.

This technique isn’t just confined to video content. Prepare presentations in advance, take a key word or phrase from within, turn it into a clever hashtag and generate a pre event buzz by encouraging social conversations. If there’s an existing debate surrounding a given topic, your presentation on such is more likely to have an impact.

Keep content on file and encourage further interaction

The main purpose of almost all events is to deliver a message that sticks in the minds of attendees. The unfortunate reality however is that without continued engagement, much of what was communicated will be forgotten.

Archiving your educational or promotional content and encouraging attendees to interact with it post event allows you to reinforce your messages. Consider offering incentives to delegates that access the archive or, for educational content, set tasks that require attendees to go back and review particular material.

Repurpose content and extend your distribution

Presentations turned into podcasts or blog posts, video content restructured into show reels, keynote speeches condensed and distributed as e-newsletters – there are multiple ways to repurpose your event content to help emphasise your messages.

Extending the distribution of this repurposed content, be it through social media, websites, email marketing etc., can also aid in boosting attendance for future events, offering potential attendees a better glimpse of what they can expect should they choose to attend your next event or conference.

Get your audience involved with user generated content

Attendees are a fantastic vehicle for extending your marketing efforts. By designing your event in such a way as to encourage them to share their expereince via their own social media platforms, you open up your content marketing efforts to a whole new audience - one that extends beyond the physical confines of your event.

Be sure to consider the delegate expereince during the event planning stages. Provide them with plenty of 'share worthy' moments in order to tap into a wider audience with little effort.

Go digital and gather data

By offering access to content through a digital platform, be it an app or event website, you allow yourself the opportunity to amass a wealth of data. By implementing the right strategy in the planning stages, you can ensure that you track attendee interaction with content, enabling you to identify the most popular forms (video, presentations, papers etc.) as well as the most popular topics.

This data is a goldmine for the planning stages of your next event, allowing you to tailor future content to attendee preferences both in terms of format and subject matter.

By developing a strategy in the early planning stages, you can leverage your content for marketing purposes both pre and post event, for continued and increased engagement amongst your attendees and for analysis to help improve your future event communications.

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