6 Types of Event Video (& why to use them)

6 Types of Event Video (& why to use them)

We rate video as one of the most powerful forms of content. Whatever message you wish to convey, the ability to show it, rather than simply tell it, helps you to connect with your audience on a deeper level than most other forms of content allow.

And when it comes to events video is an incredibly versatile medium, offering opportunities for dynamic marketing, encouraging interaction, reaching a wider audience and adding authenticity to your event message.

Here’s our list of six of our favourite types of event video and most importantly, why you should consider using them.   

1. Promotional Video

Whether you’re hosting an internal company conference or a high profile customer event, effective promotion is vital in creating a level of excitement amongst your attendees and encouraging pre-event engagement.

It’s hard to get an audience excited about your event with a simple email or poster. Words can be powerful but for promotional purposes, video is more so. It allows you to show attendees what they can expect and to deliver your promotional message in a tone of voice that fits with both your brand and your purpose.

When we think of promotional videos, we tend to think of big name brands with big money budgets for expensive production, but the key to a successful promotional event video lies in getting your audience excited and engaged, and that all comes down to the message you present. Planned and executed well, you can achieve the desired results without blowing your entire marketing budget on fancy special effects.

2. Opening Video

Now you’ve promoted your event to full effect, your opening video is your opportunity to kick things off in style and inspire your attendees to make the most of their experience. The benefit of opening videos is that you already have a captive audience. They’ve made it to your event, so chances are they have a vested interest in its subject matter. But you can’t take it for granted that they will engage and interact with your content and activities to the fullest.

By creating a powerful opener, you can set the tone for the rest of your event, introduce key messages and themes, leave your audience in anticipation of what’s to come and, crucially, ready to be a part of it.

For ideas and tips on how to make the most of your opening video, see our post: Event Video: How to Deliver a Powerful Opening Message.

3. Highlight Videos

In order to make your event as successful as possible, you want to give it longevity. Highlight videos that allow your audience to relive the best bits are a fantastic way to keep the momentum going, to continually reinforce the key messages and to offer attendees a powerful reminder of their experience. And of course, they’re also a great way of offering non-attendees a glimpse of what they missed out on. If your event is a repeat occurrence, highlight videos can be stored and re-purposed as a readymade marketing tool for the following year.

Highlight videos need to be well planned – you need to make sure you capture the key moments from your event on film to ensure you have the tools to create an engaging summary in its aftermath. Record your speaker presentations in order to take soundbites, capture live audience testimonials, take plenty of stock footage as your event unfolds and catch a range of shots from in and around your venue location. A well-crafted highlights video should recap your entire event in a matter of minutes.

4. Live Video

No matter how well organised and executed your event is, budgetary and venue restrictions will only allow you a certain audience size. Streaming live video allows you to overcome these restrictions, as well as the boundaries of time and distance, to reach a potentially huge audience.

Whilst social media live streams such as Twitter and Facebook will only offer a glimpse of your event due to their time limits (albeit a lengthy four hours in the case of the latter) there are now countless purpose built live streaming platforms that will allow you to show your event in its entirety if desired. Many of these platforms also offer the added benefit of archiving capability, giving your audience a chance to review and those unable to attended the ability to experience the event to a certain extent.

Beyond this, an archived live stream also offers benefits to the planning process of future events, allowing you to re-watch the on stage action and pick up on any hiccups or design flaws you may have missed on the day.

5. Testimonials

There is no greater endorsement for your event than the testimonials of your attendees, and when these are captured live and ‘in the moment’, their affect becomes all the more powerful. A fantastic marketing tool offering insight to audience perspective, testimonials provide great content for social media, not only enhancing the reputation of your event but, by association, the reputation of your brand, company or organisation.

Another benefit of capturing audience testimonials is our human desire to be heard. Having the ability to share our opinion makes us feel valued and, when your audience feel valued, they are more likely to make positive connections with you, your event and your overall message.

6. User Generated Video

Not all of your event video has to be produced by you and your planning team. Your audience are a great source of content and, with a little encouragement, will no doubt be more than happy to create their own short video clips. If you’ve created an exciting event environment for them, they’re probably doing it already.

Encouraging your audience to upload their clips to social sites and displaying these on a live social media wall will boost engagement amongst attendees present on the day as well as extending your events visibility to a vast virtual audience. Of course, it’s vital to have a dedicated member of your team assigned to monitoring the content that appears.

Alongside testimonials, user generated video is the best way to showcase your event experience from an audience perspective. Allowing them to tell their own event story gives it that human touch and adds an element of authenticity that you will not find through any other form of content.

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