5 Ways to Boost your Business with Events

5 Ways to Boost your Business with Events

No matter its size or purpose, every successful business runs on a well planned growth strategy that details its goals for the months and years ahead.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales and revenue, gain exposure in new markets, or increase employee satisfaction, events are a great vehicle for achieving your objectives.

Here’s five ways events can help boost your business:

1) Events can help you grow your sales pipeline

A solid sales pipeline is crucial to the success of any business and, whatever your area of operation, events are a great way to capture new leads and prospects.

Trade shows and exhibitions offer the perfect opportunity to spread your message directly amongst your target market. Unlike other marketing techniques, industry specific events provide you with a captive audience almost certainly guaranteed to be interested in the products or services you provide. What’s more, they are also there with a specific purpose in mind. They are there to buy or at the very least, research potential suppliers. Make the most of the opportunity to capture their attention and, if they’re not in the position to buy on the spot, get their details added to your list of prospects for future sales efforts.

The key to a successful trade show or exhibition appearance is understanding your goals and how best to achieve them. From the design of your stand to the sales pitch your team present, every element should be well planned and expertly executed to ensure the greatest level of return on your exhibition investment.

2) Events can help boost employee engagement and productivity

Your employees are the driving force behind your business, and events offer the perfect opportunity to show them how valuable they truly are.

Employee events can take many forms, each with their own benefits for your business:

  • Reward events – gala dinners, award ceremonies and incentive days are all great ways to reward both individual and collective contributions amongst your employees. When our efforts are publicly recognised, we feel valued and, subsequently, are more committed to and engaged with our role within a business.
  • Training events – a well trained workforce is a productive workforce, but training events can bring so much more to the table. Bringing your employees together to train as one allows them the opportunity to learn from one another, sharing methods of best practice. When separate departments develop a better understanding of each other, communication becomes more effective, and productivity boosted.
  • Staff briefings and conferences – as they go about their daily roles, many of your employees will be unaware of the bigger picture surrounding your business. By holding staff briefings or annual conferences that address wider issues, you bring your workforce into the fold and make them feel a part of something beyond their individual responsibilities.

3) Events allow you to educate an audience

Whether held for your employees, clients, suppliers or partners, events offer a fantastic educational platform.

Educational events aimed at your existing customer base will add value to the products or services you provide and build a sense of community amongst your clients. If you’re introducing as whole new product line, then what better way to take it to market than by educating potential buyers on how it can solve the issues they face?

The same goes for your suppliers, partners and employees. When your core network understands the benefits of your offering, they are more likely to see its full potential and be committed to helping you make it a success. What’s more, educational events don’t need to cost the earth. Webinars are an increasingly popular, cost effective event solution for educating an audience.  

4) Events offer exposure and increased market visibility

Be it a shell scheme stand at an industry exhibition, a unique experiential pop up, or a full scale product launch, events offer multiple avenues for exposure.

Social media is the most obvious technique here. As a relatively cost effective marketing tool, social platforms allow you to reach a potentially limitless audience with your brand message. Exhibitions will often have their own social pages and hashtags - which you can leverage for your own marketing purposes – and experiential events, if done well, attract a lot of public attention, meaning your audience does your marketing for you.

And then there’s the content that can be taken from your event – photographs, visitor testimonials, highlight videos and showreels, live streaming opportunities – there are countless ways to obtain assets from your event as part of a wider content marketing strategy.

5) Events can set you up as industry experts

Presenting yourself as an authority in your area of business is a great way to boost credibility. And guess what? Events are one of the best ways to do just that.

Having the best minds and top leaders from within your company share their industry knowledge and visions for the future will set you up as experts in your field. Thought leadership can do wonders for your business by building a strong following and a customer base that trusts your judgement. If you want to go one step further, you could invite top industry experts to speak at your event and demonstrate the quality of your network.

If you have a limited marketing budget, why not consider positioning yourselves as thought leaders by speaking at an industry related conference? That way, you can still reap the benefits of exposure without the time and financial commitments of hosting your own event.

However you are looking to boost your business, there is an event that will help you do so. The key to success is to clearly define your business goals and choose the right type of event to help you achieve them.

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