5 Tech Trends for Engaging Exhibitions

5 Tech Trends for Engaging Exhibitions

Your next Trade Show or Exhibition appearance is your opportunity to showcase your brand at its best, directly to your target market. But how do you entice your audience to your stand? What’s more, how do you get them to interact?

By incorporating some of the latest innovations in technology you can educate, entertain and engage your audience to new levels, generate a buzz around your stand and develop customer relationships that could lead to long term business deals.

Here are 5 tech trends to incorporate into your next exhibition stand for increased engagement:

1. Augmented reality

The ingenious technology behind augmented reality allows us to bridge the gap between the physical and digital worlds. For exhibition stands that may be space restrictive, AR is a great way to get attendees interacting with your product – an item that may be too big to physically display can be presented or demonstrated through a mobile device.

If your purpose is to promote a physical location such as a hotel or wedding venue, printed materials incorporating AR technology could allow attendees to explore a digital representation of your space. For more on AR and its capabilities, check out our post on Alternative Reality for Events: Augmented vs. Virtual.

2. Interactive user displays

Touchscreen technology is a wonderful thing. It puts the user in control of their experience, allowing them to navigate their own journey through your offering in a way best suited to their individual needs. Combined with a little creative content design, you can build a truly unique and, more importantly, memorable user generated experience.

Interactive displays don’t have to cost the earth. Of course, a 6ft high interactive LED wall may attract a lot of attention – but if you’re on a small budget, well designed content loaded onto a tablet can still prove an effective marketing technique. What’s more, by incorporating data capture into your interactives, you not only offer the user an engaging experience, you give yourself a great platform from which to start following up with leads.

3. Apps

Given that they have become a staple part of everyday life for the majority, we can hardly place apps at the forefront of technical innovation anymore. But used in the right way, they can still be a cutting edge solution when it comes to exhibitions and events.

The overall exhibition organiser may well have created an app for the whole event, complete with exhibitor bios, floorplans, presentation session information etc. but by creating your own unique application, you can encourage attendees to interact with your brand before, during and post event. Designed with the right objectives in mind, a custom built app can also generate a goldmine of sales data.

4. Triggered Technology

Stopping visitors in their tracks is a guaranteed way to get them to take notice of your stand. With triggered technology, the simple act of an attendee walking by can generate sound, video, lights or special effects that are sure to grab attention.

From motion sensors and pressure pads to RFID technology, there are multiple options for triggered content, and the more senses you manage to invoke, the more memorable your brand becomes to the attendee.

5. Robots

Whilst some might fear an imminent takeover, robots actually make for fantastic assistants. As with triggered technology, they can be programmed to grab the attention of passers-by but they can take this one step further by providing two way interaction, answering questions or offering up information.

Having a robot by your side means you have a trusty wingman to catch the eye of those you may have been too busy to attend to otherwise. Plus, they make a great talking point. Once word gets around that your stand is manned by artificial intelligence you’ll have visitors flocking to take a look.

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